The Unconscious

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Artist: artistsartists

Medium: Acrylic

Dick is fascinated by the workings of the unconscious mind and in this piece, he has combined some of the elements and scenarios that many people often report to have dreamt about.
Of course, it was the eminent psychoanalyst, Sigmund Freud who first sought to bring some meaning and interpretation to these common dream themes, many of which were, he opined, linked to suppressed sexual fantasies, so the nude female statue and other symbols are included…

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… Freud himself also features prominently in this dreamscape by Dick. He is featured as an older man in a broken picture frame being held by gloved hands, alluding to something subconsciously that we might not really want to touch, and again Freud is featured on the right of the piece, this time with Devil’s horns (maybe it would have been better if he hadn’t delved into our psyches after all?)
The frightened little boy represents childhood bedtime fears, of monsters under the bed and maybe of parents fears that their children are actually monsters!  The man holding a baby- no, wait it’s a woman- no, it’s a baby! represents Freud’s theory on the Oedipus complex.  The drowning man is a recurring theme in many people’s dreams, and the great white shark adds extra jeopardy.  Floating jigsaw pieces and Pterodactyls in the sky add to the surreal and random qualities of our dreams.


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