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Artizen – the place where creative curators meet talented artists to inspire amazing art collectors.

What does ‘Artizen’ mean? Whether you are a collector, an artist, a framer, an art consultant or simply an art enthusiast, the word ‘Art’ is our common denominator. ‘Zen’ means a good feeling and that is what we would like to deliver through our artworks.

Meet Our Curators & Art Consultants

Andreea Calenic

Chief Curator & Art and Framing Consultant

Andreea is our Chief Curator, Art Consultant as well as Framing Expert. She looks after a variety of newly emerging as well as established artists and their portfolios of limited editions and original artworks, but also our major collectors and the pieces displayed in their homes.

Carla Field

Financial Director

Carla’s passion has always been to make our clients’ journey as enjoyable and stress free as possible. She is a problem solver at heart so she works behind the scenes to assure our business is efficient inside out.

Paul Campbell

Logistics Director

Isn't it nice to have your piece delivered by somebody who really cares? Paul plays a massive role when it comes to the 'hand delivery' of your pieces. Enjoying travelling, Paul is values each customer and their story in the art world and is very keen to meet them - wherever they might be in the country.

Dave Flitt

Bespoke Framing Expert

A frame can either make or break a piece. Dave works very closely with our curators when it comes to bespoke framing ensuring each customer's piece is well looked after.

Emma Horsley

Art Consultant & Customer Support

Emma is one of our curators as well as Andreea's right hand when it comes to looking after our customers. She has that proactive and caring side, not only looking after the rest of the team superbly, but also treating our many customers as part of the Artizen family.

Jackie Hart

Art Consultant

Jackie loves art by many different artists and from many different genres, both contemporary and historic and traditional, she is the first to admit that her tastes are very eclectic!

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