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Curators & Art Consultants

Have you considered the convenience of having your very own art curator who will help you select the right pieces?

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A piece of art on your wall is like a window looking out into… Well, you choose.

Surrounding ourselves with beautiful pieces of art has a big impact on who you are and how you feel. Our Curators are here to conveniently bring the gallery experience to your home to save you time.

We work with hundreds of artists and publishers in order to handpick your next masterpiece.

Whether you are looking to completely restyle your home, discover a new artist, add a statement piece or would simply like an insight of art the world, our team is here to support you.

Our team can also help you completely transform your property – and we are not just talking about Art here.

Working with interior designers, gardeners, decorators, electricians, carpenters and many other professionals in the industry, our team can really offer you a comprehensive experience in the Art and Design world.

Feel free to get in touch with our team even if it is just to spark up some ideas. Whether you are thinking of updating your home or redesigning your business industry, our team is here to help.

Are you treating yourself to a new piece?re-styling your walls?adding to your art collection?struggling to visualise?


It truly is amazing to have the works of so many artists made available to you from the comfort of your own home without having to spend so much time browsing through various galleries.


I find it truly amazing how the curators can handpick pieces from so many artists that specifically match the colours of my home and my preferences of art.


As for the visualisation, it was really important to me to visualise the result before I made the final decision so the curators superimposed the pieces on my walls. I really couldn’t be happier.


Andreea should definitely win a customer service award as she provided high-quality support that enabled me to find a piece of art that I had been seeking for several years. Without Andreea’s commitment and determination to assist me, I do not think that I would have acquired such a wonderful piece of art.

Meet Our Curators & Art Consultants

Andreea Calenic

Chief Curator & Art and Framing Consultant

Andreea is our Chief Curator, Art Consultant as well as Framing Expert. She looks after a variety of newly emerging as well as established artists and their portfolios of limited editions and original artworks, but also our major collectors and the pieces displayed in their homes.

Carla Field

Financial Director

Carla’s passion has always been to make our clients’ journey as enjoyable and stress free as possible. She is a problem solver at heart so she works behind the scenes to assure our business is efficient inside out.

Paul Campbell

Logistics Director

Isn't it nice to have your piece delivered by somebody who really cares? Paul plays a massive role when it comes to the 'hand delivery' of your pieces. Enjoying travelling, Paul is values each customer and their story in the art world and is very keen to meet them - wherever they might be in the country.

Dave Flitt

Bespoke Framing Expert

A frame can either make or break a piece. Dave works very closely with our curators when it comes to bespoke framing ensuring each customer's piece is well looked after.

Emma Horsley

Art Consultant & Customer Support

Emma is one of our curators as well as Andreea's right hand when it comes to looking after our customers. She has that proactive and caring side, not only looking after the rest of the team superbly, but also treating our many customers as part of the Artizen family.

Get Started

How can our team help you?

We have worked with many customer all over the country to redesign their space to fit their style and needs. Homes, restaurants, hotels, offices and even hair salons are only a few different environments that our team have added their creative touch to in the past.

If you would like one of our team to visit you (virtually or physically) and share what you would like to achieve with your property, we would be more than happy to help you with creative ideas and help you materialise them. Most of the time, you are likely to meet Andreea, our Chief Curator and Art Consultant who will work alongside our team to handpick each piece that would go in your home, superimpose it in situ and most importantly, take care of each detail in the process until the project is fully complete.

  • Your Personal Art Curator
  • A section of artworks tailored to your style
  • Convenient service
  • Saving you time and the hassle
  • Visualising artworks in your home before making the decision
  • Interior Design Advice included
  • Installation included
  • Extra help from professionals in the industry such as: designers, gardeners, electricians, carpenters and many other professionals in the industry available
  • Our team will take responsibility for each detail until the end of the journey
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