Rainbow D


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Subject: Urban

Medium: Mixed Media

Edition Size: 1

Height: 107cm

Width: 87cmx

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“I want to bring out the playful child in all of us through my art, taking the viewer back to their childhood where life was easier without the responsibilities of adulting… you’re never too old to have fun!” This young Edinburgh-based street artist has been taking the contemporary art world by storm since the beginning of his career only a few years ago. With roots in both classical art training and the world of street art, Sleek discovered his unique voice by combining nostalgia with modern street art. Sleek’s portfolio includes world-famous cartoon characters, historical cities and landmarks, and other pop culture images, contrasted with vibrant and expressive graffiti tags. Remaining true to his street art roots, Sleek ensures each graffiti composition is completely unique. Layers of spray paint are built up and distressed to emulate the feeling of an authentic city wall, while the overlying images are added with hand-cut stencils. The timeless appeal of Sleek’s bold, urban style has caught the attention of collectors around the world, including a number of notable celebrities. His work with famous and beloved characters has meant additional accolades and attention. In 2019, Sleek was invited to create an installation at the Beano head office in Fleet Street, which garnered attention from national and international press. Now a well-known name in contemporary art circles, Sleek continues to evolve in his creative practice, experimenting with new characters, new locations or themes. Each artwork bringing a piece of the streets into the comfort of your home.

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