Lost In The Moment (Miniature)


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Subject: Figurative

Medium: Studio Edition

Edition Size: 45

Height: 75.4cm

Width: 66.4cmx

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Paul Wright is a British painter who studied at the distinguished Falmouth College of Art. He is renowned for portrait painting through the UK and endeavours to capture the true essence of his subject, bringing it to life through his collaboration of paint and canvas. The brushstroke is prevailing in Paul’s compositions. It is dynamic and powerful, and every stroke is significant, commanding the space on the canvas of which it occupies. There is no blurring or softening of stroke, there is only a mesh of distinctive and often contrasting colour. This intensity is delicately balanced, so as not to overshadow the subject that it seeks to portray. Stylistically, there are elements of both Impressionism and Cubism at play in the work as Paul seeks to portrays the personality of his muse. His repertoire of 20th and 21st century icons are often captured at the height of their celebrity heyday, and the style that epitomises Paul’s work ensures that his muses are both timeless and ageless. There is a freshness to the subject, even though we are aware that some are depicted in their advanced years, when the silkiness of youth has long gone – this is both a highly desirable aspect of the work and a talent to be applauded. Paul is now a hugely successful British artist with a unique style which has earned him a place at the BP National Portrait Award on no less than two occasions. Paul received further awards from The National Gallery for the annual BP Award and he made the shortlist for grand prize in 2014.

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