Celestial Tapestry


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Subject: Abstract

Medium: Mixed Media

Edition Size: 1

Height: 90cm

Width: 90cmx

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Brenda Herd has been a professional artist for over twenty-five years. She enjoys working with a wide range of art mediums, including resins, oils, acrylics, and wood, and she uses these materials to create magical, evocative works in which movement and the union of her materials are suspended in time. Like with many artists, Brenda finds inspiration in surrounding landscapes and seascapes. She reflects nature in each unique artwork, paying attention to the beauty of detail, whilst sharing her perspective of balance. Brenda finds “beauty in the contrasts and contradictions of nature”, and endeavours to recreate these juxtapositions in her unique fusion of texture and colour. She is adventurous in her approach to every single piece and rejoices in the freedom of creativity that her style allows. Originally from South Africa, Brenda now lives and works from her studio in North Yorkshire. Alongside a very successful career as a mixed media artist in the UK, Brenda has completed many commissions for corporate and domestic clients internationally. Brenda’s Resin Circle Abstracts – Inspired by natures extraordinary colour palettes and the effects of light, each art work is meticulously considered and formulated. Brenda endeavours to capture the “soul” of every resin painting with her vivid colour pallets and fluid composition. Working on timber, layers of colours, mica powders, and different chemicals with the fluid resins are utilized to create depth and intensity, giving rise to fascinating textures and colours that you find in her unique style and expression. Brenda’s Textured Abstracts – Sculpting with texture, on board, gives Brenda a platform to be expressive and free in every artwork, a means of escapism. Exploring the alchemy between colour, texture and light fascinated by mediums and all their possibilities. Each artwork is created by first applying texture and then working in many layers to create depth and excitement in each brushstroke.

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