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Subject: Animals

Medium: Mixed Media

Edition Size: 1

Height: 45cm

Width: 55cmx

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The vibrant colours and trademark personalities of Amy’s animal portraits immediately catch your eye. Her paintings are instantly recognisable, and she has established a considerable following on the contemporary art scene. Her works allow the viewer to write their own story about the characters she portrays, and so, make them very endearing. Initially, Amy drew inspiration from her background in Fashion Design. Her debut collection, in 2017, featured a gang of flamboyant flamingos who all looked as if they were strutting their stuff down the catwalk. They were all quickly snapped up by her very first collectors and her feathered friends gang grew. In June 2018, she held her first solo exhibition, which enabled her to grow her famous flamingos into a whole host of recognisable animal characters – all with their own story to tell! More recently, her animals have started to wear clothes, enter beauty pageants and wear sunglasses on their holidays – they’ve really gained a whole life of their own over the years and are now featured in galleries all over the country. Since this time, Amy’s career has grown along side her family and where she once took inspiration from the catwalk, she now takes it from family life and in particular her daughter, Robyn. The first of these family inspirations was, her sell out limited edition, ‘Tiny Toes’. Depicting a family of three flamingos splashing in the water. This has given rise to a whole host of baby animals and family inspired artworks. Some of her latest pieces even feature a little Robin bird as homage to her daughter. The character Amy brings to her animals has also been noticed by many a dog lover, and she now has a pet portrait portfolio as big as the entrants list to Crufts! There is a magical quality in all of Amy’s work that ensures that a smile is guaranteed every time, and therein lies the charm of Amy’s paintings – artwork that brings joy and a ‘feel good factor’.

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